Decompression Chamber

  • Mobile Decompression Chamber fitted out in a shipping container used by Gilbert Diving - an Onshore Offshore Diving Marine Service company based in Queensland, Australia.
  • Decompression Chamber used by Offshore Diving and Marine Services company - Gilbert Diving
  • Hyperbaric Chamber also know as Decompression Chamber as used by Marine Services company - Gilbert Diving
  • Inside a Hyperbaric Chamber used by Gilbert Diving - an Onshore Diving company based in Australia

Twin Lock Decompression Chamber

Using a Decompression Chamber gives us the flexibility required for more challenging Diving operations, being able to dive at greater depths and for longer periods of time and creates a safer work environment especially our projects are far from a hospital with a Hyperbaric Chamber.  Our registered Decompression Chamber is a Twin Lock and fully mobile stored in a portable container and is available for hire.

It’s all part of the professional commercial diving solutions that Gilbert Diving offers.

Our Decompression Chamber features:

  • Twin Lock Registered
  • Fully Mobile
  • Allows for deeper and longer diving
  • Available for hire

Decompression Chamber specifications:

Twin Lock 72″ DCC
Reverse Cycle A/C
Communications and Video
Coaxial 15 Amp Power Supply
Fire Extinguisher – 2.3kg Dry Powder
BIBS – Scott Mask and Hose
Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher
3D Gauge 0-140mtr
3D Gauge Caisson
Analox G22 Oxygen Analyser

Video Monitor Entry and Main Lock
AMRON 2820-4003
Sound powered Phone
2 x Tescom Reg – 600psi 1/2in outlet
Hose – Oxygen – Non-Conductive
Hose – Air – Non-Conductive
BA Mask – 10mts for panel (Use PA Mic for comms to LARS)
Hyperbaric Chamber light Main and Entrance Lock
Torches in Main and Entry Lock
DDC Temperature and Humidity Gauges